Have You HeardHave you heard? Adjuncts at TC3 have formed a union for themselves!

The TC3 Adjunct Association (TC3AA), New York State United Teachers, American Federation of Teachers is the union for adjuncts at Tompkins Cortland Community College.

Adjuncts who have taught at TC3 anytime during the 2015-16 or current 2016-17 academic school years are eligible* for membership.

Click on either link below for more information:
Membership Application
More More information on TC3AA membership.

*If you have any of the following job titles at TC3, and have been employed in that title in any semester between FA15 and the curent semester, you are eligible for TC3AA membership:
1. Any title which includes the word “Adjunct” (e.g., Adjunct Instructor, Adjunct Tutor
Adjunct Librarian, Adjunct Counselor,
2. Borg Warner Math Review,
3. Culinary Lab Assistant,
4. Engineering Lab Tech,
5. Medication Supervisor,
6. Para-Professional Tutor,
7. Peer Career Coach Supervisor, 8. Vector
Scholar Coordinator. Note: Adjuncts who are eligible for membership in the Professional Administrators Association (PAA) by virtue of other TC3 full or part-time employment are not eligible for TC3AA membership.



  1. Please leave active email contact information of some board members.


  2. Bravo! Adjuncts at all colleges and universities are worthy of far better pay than they presently receive!


  3. I think it is a very healthy thing for the adjuncts to have a union.


  4. Unions make everyone stronger and happier. This is very good news!


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