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Room 122

is not only the location of the “Adjunct Office” at TC3, it’s also the name of our newsletter which recently debuted. Click here to read the very first issue of Room 122.


Congrats to Cayugians!

Cayugites? Cayuga’ers? However one says it, congratulations are in order for Cayuga Community College’s adjuncts (Cayuyadjuncts?) for now being one step closer to the bargaining table for their union, the Cayuga Community College Part-time Faculty Association.

On January 29th, the Public Employment Relations Board affirmed the April ruling of an Administrative Law Judge that adjuncts at Cayuga are entitled to their own union, separate from the existing union for Cayuga’s fulltime faculty.

A little background: Adjuncts at Cayuga had started organizing a union back in Spring 2014. Despite a majority of adjuncts supporting a stand-alone adjunct union, the College’s administration interfered, insisting that the “most appropriate” union for adjunct was a merged one with fulltime faculty, something that neither Cayuga’s adjuncts nor its fulltime faculty wanted. The College’s refusal to recognize an adjunct-only union forced the issue into a long (and expensive) legal battle.

Sound familiar? It should. Back when a majority of TC3’s adjuncts signed “authorization cards” indicating our support for union representation, TC3 Administration and Board took a page from Cayuga’s anti-union handbook, insisted that despite the preference of TC3’s adjuncts and fulltimers to be in separate unions, the “most appropriate” union was a merged one of fulltimers and adjuncts. Thus, the TC3AA was forced into a similar legal delay as the Cayuga adjuncts had been and we are currently waiting for an Administrative Law Judge to issue his ruling from the June 2015 hearings.

When the judge issues his ruling on the TC3 situation sometime in Spring 2016 (which we anticipate will be favorable to our position for separate unions) we call on TC3 to accept his decision and not undertake additional legal delays (which are funded with public monies) by filing an appeal that is all but certain to end in the same way the Cayuga case did — with PERB upholding a judge’s ruling that separate unions for fulltime and part-time adjuncts are most appropriate.

It’s time, it’s high time, for TC3 to respect the decision of its adjuncts to organize, recognize our union, and begin the process of collective bargaining with the adjuncts’ chosen union — something they do for every other employee at the College.

*For press coverage of the recent PERB decision on Cayuga’s adjuncts click here.

*To read the actual PERB decision, upholding the judge’s ruling for separate fulltime faculty and adjunct unions, click here.

*To add your name to the Open Letter calling on President Haynes and the TC3 Board of Trustees to commit to respecting the judge’s decision on this matter and refrain from wasting more time and money on unnecessary appeals, click here.

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