Good News for Adjuncts at Cayuga Community College (AND at TC3)!

We are very happy to report that adjuncts at Cayuga Community College  just won an important legal victory last Wednesday. A judge from the Public Employment Relations Board (“PERB,” the government agency that oversees public sector employers and unions in New York State) ruled in favor of Cayuga Community College adjuncts having their own union!

Many of you are aware of the backstory that by March 2014, a majority of CCC adjuncts had signed union authorization cards in support of union representation. However CCC administration refused to voluntarily recognize the adjuncts’ union, and instead insisted that adjuncts properly belonged in the same union as the Cayuga fulltime faculty and that having a separate union for adjuncts would be an administrative and economic burden for the College. Since neither the Cayuga fulltime faculty nor the Cayuga adjuncts wished to be in the same union (as they have different and sometimes conflicting interests) and since the CCC administration was insistent that an adjunct-only union was “inappropriate,” the dispute had to be settled through the PERB hearing.

Does any of this sound familiar? (It should. We strongly suspect that TC3 administration has been following in the footsteps of their Cayuga counterparts in an attempt to delay if not derail entirely the desire of a majority of TC3’s adjuncts to form our own union.)

We are excited at what the judge’s ruling means for our colleagues in the Cayuga Community College Part-Time Faculty Association. We are also excited that the judge’s ruling could have a positive impact on our own upcoming hearing at PERB (scheduled for June 10th, 11th, and 12th) since we believe there will now be additional legal precedence for the judge who deliberates our case to rule in favor of the TC3 Adjunct Association being separate from the fulltime faculty union at TC3. BUT, it’s not necessary to have a hearing at all — at our pre-hearing conference in February, the judge made it clear to TC3 management that they could decide at any time to drop their legal objections to our union. Now, with this decision at Cayuga, it seems even more wasteful for TC3 to waste financial resources and administrative time on legal delays fighting their own employees’ decision to form a union.

We hope you will join us in extending our best wishes to our adjunct colleagues at Cayuga Community College. If you are on TC3’s Dryden campus this week, feel free to stop by the kitchen area in the Adjunct Office (Room 122) and sign the congratulatory card we have for the CCC adjuncts. If you’re not on campus would still like to join us in sending our congratulations, just email us whatever message you want us to forward to the CCC adjuncts, and we will print it out and we enclose it with the card when we mail it off. Email your message to


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