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Where Do They Stand? (An Open Letter to President Haynes and TC3’s Board of Trustees)

Dear President Haynes and Members of the TC3 Board of Trustees,

The TC3 Adjunct Association looks forward to the official confirmation of our majority from the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB). We are confident we can then begin the process of forming a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with TC3 administration and the Board of Trustees, one similar to that enjoyed by the three existing bargaining units on campus.

Since October 22nd, when you were first notified that a majority of TC3 adjunct faculty had chosen union representation, we were straightforward that we were prepared to demonstrate majority support of our union — The TC3 Adjunct Association — before a neutral third-party. We heard nothing directly from you in response other than your November 18th formal rejection of our request for voluntary recognition. We did hear many indirect statements from you — letters from Dr. Connors, a press release, quotations from members of Administration in the media — all of which shared the same underlying theme that you were doubtful that a true majority of TC3 adjunct faculty had chosen union representation. In an effort to put those doubts to rest, late last month we asked Reverend Richard Rose of Ithaca’s First Baptist Church  to confirm our majority support, which he did. As you know, we then sent the authorization cards and requisite paperwork for our union’s certification to PERB, the state agency which members of your administration have described as the “legitimate arbiter of the majority question.”

We have been transparent from the beginning that our goal is to exercise our legal right to form a union, so as to ultimately benefit from what other TC3 employees already have through their unions, namely, the right to negotiate the terms and conditions of our employment through good faith negotiations. We trust that your concerns, which we have learned of through members of your administration and through the media, are similarly unambiguous. Aside from your stated doubts of our majority support, you have repeatedly said that you would prefer PERB conduct a conventional secret-ballot election, a preference we assume you must know will soon be moot, since the labor laws of New York State are clear: once majority support is confirmed, PERB is empowered to certify the union. The only thing that would delay the certification is if the employer raises objections about other issues, such as the make-up of the proposed bargaining unit.

So we ask you now to let us know where you stand. Is it correct to say that you simply want to confirm that union representation is indeed the choice that a majority of current TC3 adjuncts has made? Is it correct to say that you will not raise any other objections — such as those raised last year at Cayuga Community College — which would unduly delay PERB’s certification process of our union?

We look forward to your response, and working cooperatively with you in the best interest of the TC3 community.

Respectfully and on Behalf of the TC3 Adjunct Association Organizing Committee,
Herman Altmann (Biology), Betsy Caughey (English), Robert Chapman (Political Science), Cynthia Coleman (Sociology), Nancy Crane (Spanish), Robert Earle (English & Sociology), Elizabeth Grant (English), In Shik Lee (Graphic Design), Kristin Lovelace-Ross (Mathematics), Randy McGory (CAPS), Barbara Need (English), Jaclyn Pittsley (English), Jessica Ryan (Sociology), Patrick Sewell (Environmental Studies), Lorraine Sinclaire (English), Sherry Tacktill (English), Gregg Weatherby (English), Steve Weed (English), Butch Westlake (Sociology), Michele Whitecraft (Chemistry), Diane Williams-Altmann (Biology), Brandy Williams-DeBottis (Psychology), Sarah Wolff (English)