Neither Snow….Nor Gloom of Night…

Post Meeting Nov20

The (non camera shy contingent) of the forty plus adjuncts and supporters who braved the weather to make a (69.6) point to President Haynes and other members of the College’s Board of Trustees took another minute to pose for a quick photo opportunity before braving the icy roads home.

Despite the increasing intensity of the snow falling above, and the deteriorating conditions of the roads below, more than forty TC3 adjuncts and supporters from Cortland and Tompkins counties braved the weather last night to make a point at this month’s Board of Trustees meeting.

Their point? 69 POINT 6. As in, 69.6% of the instructors teaching classes this semester are adjuncts. That’s right, adjuncts (who also are responsible for teaching the majority of the classes this semester) comprise more than two thirds of the current faculty at TC3.

There was more.

Despite confusing (and often conflicting) information released from the TC3 administration over the last few weeks, TC3AA members and supporters wanted to make it clear to the Board of Trustees that a majority of current adjunct faculty have indeed chosen to be represented by the TC3 Adjunct Association and how the election TC3 management has proposed is not consistent with the rules of the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) nor even necessary. Pat Sewell, an adjunct faculty member of Environmental Studies, detailed how adjuncts have already voted and explained precisely how the process and results were far more democratic and representational of current TC3 adjuncts’ choice than any PERB election could be. Other adjunct faculty and community supporters also addressed the Board during the public comments portion of the agenda to reassure the College that an adjunct union is a positive step forward, not something to fear.

Or fight.

The underlying theme of the evening was urging President Haynes and the Board of Trustees not to waste taxpayer money fighting their own employees. Our challenge to them? We urge the Board to publically commit that once a neutral third party has confirmed that a majority of adjuncts teaching this semester have indeed signed union authorization cards, the College will not take any further legal action in an attempt to delay or derail the Public Employment Relations Board from speedily completing the formal certification process of the TC3 Adjunct Association.

After the public portions of the meeting, the BOT was scheduled to hold a private executive session to discuss the adjunct unionization.

We hope their discussion last night was fruitful and they chose to take the high road and commit to respect the decision of their employees.

We look forward to hearing from them soon.


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