YES, You Are STILL Invited to Join Us This Thursday at 5:15pm @ TC3

We just learned this morning that President Carl Haynes has apparently decided to reject the TC3 Adjunct Association’s request for voluntary recognition. TC3 issued a press release about this decision at approximately 9:45 this morning. Please note that in no way does that change our intention to address the Board of Trustees later this week.

With three longstanding existing unions on campus we must assume that TC3 Administration is aware of the rules of the Public Employment Relations Board (the government entity that oversees unions and employers in the public sector in New York State) and knows full well that an election is unnecessary when a union, such as the TC3 Adjunct Association, has obtained majority support on union authorization cards.

To be crystal clear: a strong majority of the 258 employees who appeared on the list of current adjuncts that the Administration provided to us have signed authorization cards stating their desire for union representation. Many of those adjuncts were reluctant to add their names to the public list of union supporters. PERB’s rules do not require any worker to publically state their support for unionization. The fact that 100+ adjuncts agreed to add their names to the Union’s public message to President Haynes and the Board of Trustees doesn’t indicate a lack of majority status. Quite the contrary! It shows that nearly 40% of current adjuncts at TC3 did not merely sign union cards, but that they were also willing to let their employer (and the world) know they had done so.

It’s a rather silly thing for abstract quibbling about anyhow since there’s an easy way to confirm TC3AA’s majority status. Last week, in fact, after reports about the Administration’s concerns that TC3AA does not have majority backing of current adjuncts first started appearing in various news stories, we attempted to alleviate these concerns by trying to find a neutral third party who would be willing to check the actual cards against the list provided by the College of current adjunct faculty to confirm that TC3AA does indeed have a majority. A local elected official was willing to assist and reached out to President Haynes who summarily rejected the offer.

It’s actually not too late for the College to change its mind. Perhaps even more importantly at this point, it’s not too late for the College to assure everyone that it has no intention of trying to delay or derail their employees’ legally protected right to form a union. We urge President Haynes to make a public commitment  that when the Public Employment Relations Board does (as it will) confirm that TC3AA has majority status, the College will not stand in the way of PERB officially certifying the union so we can proceed to negotiations and begin to address the real issues at hand — regular and reasonable pay increases, a modicum of job security such as multi-term appointments, and access to affordable benefits (like health insurance) for adjuncts who need them — all of which will benefit not only adjuncts but our students and the entire institution as well as it will help enable the College to continue attracting and retaining the most qualified and dedicated adjuncts for years to come.

As the group of employees who are responsible for teaching the majority of the courses at TC3 we are as deserving of the same  level of respect as that enjoyed by every other employee at the College.

So, yes, please join us to remind the Board and Administration this Thursday that respecting adjuncts’ decision to form a union is a basic manifestation of the respect that ALL employees at TC3 should be afforded.


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