Our Message to the TC3 Board of Directors, “Don’t Waste Financial Resources and Community/Employee Good Will on Delays”

Post BOT

(L-R) Robert Earle, Gregg Weatherby, and Sherry Tacktill after the October 23rd BOT meeting

On Thursday, October 23rd several TC3AA Organizing Committee members attended the October meeting of the College’s Board of Trustees. Robert Earle, an adjunct instructor in English and Philosophy read a statement to the Board while Gregg Weatherby, also an instructor of English who had read his own statement to the Tompkins County Legislature on Tuesday, passed out a letter signed by over 100 TC3 adjuncts urging President Haynes and the Board of Trustees not to waste money on lawyer and delays.

Below are Robert Earle’s remarks to the Board. The letter from adjuncts (which you can still add your name to) can be found here.

Mark your calendars: the next meeting of the TC3 Board of Trustees is scheduled for Thursday, November 20th at 5:30pm in the Ronald W. Space Board Room.

Dear President Haynes and Members of the Board of Trustees:

Speaking on Agenda Point #14A: Board of Trustees Retreat: We believe the following will be valuable information to consider during that retreat.

I am an adjunct, a member of the TC3 community, and a member of the Organizing Committee of the TC3 Adjunct Association. It is on behalf of that organization that I now speak. TC3 tenure track faculty, as well as professional and support staff have all had union representation for some time. Many of our counterparts at other institutions also have union representation. Now we feel it is our turn.

We see unionization as a benefit not only for adjuncts at TC3 but for our students and the institution as a whole. We all know
that building relationships with faculty is a critical factor in student success, especially at an institution like TC3, which has a large population of non-traditional students. But it can be difficult for students to build relationships with instructors who may not be at the College the next semester. We believe union representation and a fair contract will be a crucial component to helping TC3 not only attract but also retain the most qualified and dedicated adjuncts for years to come. We want to get started on that goal as soon as possible.

Yesterday, the President received our NYSUT representative’s mailed letter announcing the formation of our union and asking him to voluntarily recognize the TC3 Adjunct Association, NYSUT,/NEA/AFT,/AFL-CIO as the exclusive bargaining agent of TC3 adjuncts. We urge you to respect our wishes for voluntary recognition.            

Because of the widespread support for union representation, there is no question that TC3 adjuncts will have a union. The only question left is if the Administration and Board will adversely affect College funds (not to mention employee and community good will) by needlessly wasting resources on legal fees and forcing us to go through a hearing for union recognition at the Public Employment Relations Board.

The TC3 Adjunct Association looks forward to a cordial and productive relationship with the College and, of course, we also look forward to continuing our hard work and dedication in serving the needs of our students. We await your prompt response.

Robert Earle, speaking on behalf of the Organizing Committee of The TC3 Adjunct Association


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