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You’re Invited — Union Meeting on Friday, September 19, 2014 at 4pm

Dear TC3 Adjunct Faculty Colleagues,

We are writing to invite you to join us this Friday, September 19th at 4pm in the College Teaching Center (on the second floor of the Baker Commons) for the first informational meeting of the semester of the TC3 Adjunct Association.

We are pleased to report that in just the first few weeks of the semester there has been an impressive outpouring of support for the union and many o you have volunteered to assist us in the challenging (but exciting) task of attempting to make sure that no adjunct faculty member “falls through the cracks” and we reach all adjunct faculty to solicit their input and opinion and to encourage their support and participation as we build a strong and democratic organization for adjunct faculty at TC3.

The agenda for this Friday will include discussion of:
*Union 101 — Nuts and bolts of what is a union. How and why did a union organizing campaign for TC3 adjunct faculty come about?
*What are the benefits of an adjunct faculty union for us? How will it be beneficial to students and TC3’s educational mission?
*What’s realistic (and what’s not realistic) to expect when we negotiate a contract?
*What does TC3 Administration think about our union organizing drive?
*Where are we in the process of forming a union? What’s next?

There will also be plenty of time for questions!

We encourage ALL adjunct faculty to attend this meeting but particularly those who have not yet signed an authorization card and have questions or concerns about forming a union. Please reply to this email to let us know whether or not you will be able to attend this meeting You may also contact any of us directly. We look forward to seeing (and meeting!) many of you this Friday.

On Behalf of the TC3 Adjunct Association Organizing Committee,
Herman Altmann (Biology), Betsy Caughey (English), Robert Chapman (Criminal Justice), Cynthia Coleman (Sociology), Nancy Crane (Spanish), Robert Earle (Philosophy), Elizabeth Grant (English), In Shik Lee (Graphic Design), Kristin Lovelace-Ross (Math), Randy McGory (CAPS), Barbara Need (English), Jaclyn Pittsley (English), Jessica Ryan (Sociology), Pat Sewell (Environmental Science), Lorraine Sinclaire (English), Sherry Tacktill (English), Gregg Weatherby (English), Steve Weed (English), Butch Westlake (Sociology), Michele Whitecraft (Chemistry), Diane Williams-Altmann (Biology), Brandy Williams-DeBottis (Psychology), Sarah Wolff (English)